From Slush to Pulp

yep, my goal is pulp

1 October
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I'm a freelance writer and artist breaking free of the sense of un-entitlement that has kept me from making my writing a priority. I don't expect to get rich, but I do expect to be able to pay a few of my own expenses with my writing, and I'm sick of feeling so awful about spending time and money on my reading.
At this stage, though, it all feels a bit like an experiment. Can I really go back to the things that I loved before I had my own home and family to look after? Or do I really not deserve to have the pleasure that comes from reading and writing fiction in my life?
I've been locked into a "can't afford that" view of life too long. I can't afford to spend time, money, attention, and energy on daydreams and pipe dreams.
But now, I've reached the point where I can't afford not to.
Some of my work is here: http://www.romantic4ever.com/d_how_we_met/090608-paulajoe.html
and here: http://www.romantic4ever.com/d_how_we_met/090608-saradj.html
I've also sold a story to You and Me Magazine, book reviews to http://www.greydoorbooks.com , and an article to www.fundsforwriters.com for their Small Markets newsletter.