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Household stuff

Finally, Joe called the Direct TV people and cancelled the trial HBO and all the other garbage we don't watch, and mentioned that the installation guy had never come back to bury the cable and we had already paid him to do that. The lady tried to tell Joe that we'd have to pay again and Joe asked to be transferred to the cancellation department, which she did, and at last the people in the cancellation dept. agreed to send a guy out to bury the cable without charging us again.

They sent a new guy, who was nice and did a good job, and we chatted a bit about chickens and that crazy lady on one of the prepper shows who honestly should've been on Hoarders. The one who thought she could buy eggs on clearance from the grocery store, coat them in mineral oil, and that's magically going to make them stay good forever. Why not just keep a couple chickens, woman? Eggs that are actually fresh, if unwashed, could last two weeks on the counter due to the natural coating on the shell when it's laid. Mineral oil is not going to improve on that.

Jimmy is down to two subjects - math and language - and once he's done he can have summer vacation. He's completed all the assignments for his other subjects, so we're filling in a bit with extra field trips and supplementary reading. Right now he's running around playing with Meri Lyn instead of feeding his bunny. He'll get to the bunny soon, though. He can't have any screen time until after school, so he isn't going to delay school by delaying feeding his bunny very long.

Tomorrow we have his cousin's birthday party and we still haven't bought a gift even though Joe was off Wed. and could conceivably have gotten something. To be fair, we did go shopping and I bought cute steampunky cogs and didn't even think to shop for him.

I'm excited over this project to make compasses (the finding north sort of compasses) to sell. Selling where, I'm not sure. Selling for how much, I'm not sure either. But they will look cool, and I want one, so in a way it makes sense to buy materials to make several so that I can recoup the investment by selling some.

Meri Lyn may be done with naps. I can convince her to go down for a nap, but then it will take five or eight tries to get her to sleep at night, and I would rather stay asleep at 1:22 am. It was nice while it lasted, but getting kids in bed before I lose my temper for the day ought to be even nicer. Much past nine and I am so done with everyone and everything that "bedtime routine" is starting to include "Good night, I love you, if I see you yet again before daylight you might get a whippin'."

So I will be adjusting the schedule to fix that. If we all get more consistent sleep we'll all be less crabby.

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