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From Slush to Pulp

yep, my goal is pulp

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Delusions of Grandeur

While fixing my signup form on my site (well, I hope I was fixing it) I discovered that my site comes with a forum app! So I redid the pages until I felt happy about them, took out "Writing Portfolio" and made the art portfolio into simply "Portfolio," changed the blog about Penance Copper to simply "Characters" and installed a forum. I think that the info about Penance Copper would be better in the forum, and I can add threads about my other stories as I create them.

I also heard back from The A21 Campaign and they emailed me a link to some badges I can use on my site to show my support for their organization. So it's official - proceeds from everything from the Penance Copper universe will go to combat human trafficking.

In other news, Joe and I are supposed to go on a date today! There's babysitting arranged and everything! Almost. We need to find out what time the movie starts and let Tory know when exactly. Her son, Jeremiah, and Jimmy are best buddies :)

I just finished making a decorative compass as a thank-you to Courtney, who loaned me so many pretty steampunk accessories for the Hyperborea video.

Now I'm getting obsessed with the idea of making actual working compasses, which I *ought* to be able to do by glueing this very carefully to the glass face:

Which would be an awesome and simple and elegant solution, except... I got this picture from a German website and I can't find these anywhere and I have no idea what they cost.

I have the bases (little picture frames, apparently, that I found on clearance) to make 20. I'm hand-painting (and stamping, and heat-embossing, etc.) the paper faces, glueing the pearls and beads and trinkets, and I'd love to find reasonably-priced chain to go on the loop at the top. And I want to resell them for no less than $20 each if I can't find a functioning compass piece, but I'm not certain what to price them at if I do, in fact, manage to make them working compasses. I think it would add a *lot* more value and coolness-factor, of course, but how do I quantify "a lot?" I should probably figure that out before I find a supplier so I know how much I'm willing to pay for them. Any thoughts?

If retail could be, say, $50 each for a hand-painted functional Victorian/steampunk compass, and if I get big-eyed "must have it" response on this, then of course I'll have to scour all the stores that sell those bases and buy All The Frames in Existence and hope I get a vending space at a good event.


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I saw vendors selling steampunk jewelry at the Comic Con I attended in Louisville. If I was crafty, that would definitely be a dream, traveling around with Comic Con.

There's MonsterCon that will be local to me and evidently a steampunk con in the state, so *if* I can make nice accessories and *if* I can get vending space, it'll be just like back in the day when I helped my parents at car shows - except not buffing supplies and it should be more interesting :)

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