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Not for me

After far too long spent wrestling MailChimp and the scanner and everything else, I have my 5 page giveaway comic uploaded and ready for subscribers to my newsletter. I tested it and it all seems to work, although I'm a bit disappointed that I can't get MailChimp to automatically send it to new subscribers unless I spring for the paid version. I guess I can set aside time in the evenings to manually trigger sending the emails out.

I wasn't able to write this story for myself - I always *wanted* to write it, but I couldn't make myself make the time for it, and on those rare occasions when I did get started, doubts would overwhelm me and I'd quit, certain that I didn't deserve success. So I finally began this story with the intention of giving it away to someone who needed it.

But who really needs a comic book? Comics are escapism - and while escapism is a wonderful thing, I couldn't even begin to think of how to presume that mine was worth any time without readers to declare that it was. It's the classic catch-22 of getting an audience.

Then, I revised my perspective of "need." I passionately believe in ending human trafficking. I personally think that stripping someone's humanity from them and buying, selling, and using them up is the worst evil on the planet. And I'm frustrated that I don't have the cash to give to the cause. Instead of cash, I have time and stories.

What if there was a way to trade my time and stories for the money that these charities that find and rescue the victims of human trafficking need? And so that's what keeps me working on OtherRealm Studio. I'm going to do my best to offer stories worthy of paid subscriptions, and that money is going to those charities.

I do have other goals - I still want to adopt a child, for example, but I've done everything I can do right now about that and I'm waiting on things that depend on other people to come through. The schedule is being particularly problematic because we can't seem to make any of the information meetings. So I'm being forced to wait on that.

While I'm waiting, however, I can still push forward with what I *can* do on my personal quest for fundraising. I *can* create stories, I *can* offer samples, and I *can* attempt to reach people who would enjoy my stories and who would like their escapism to contribute to someone else's escape.

My prayer these days is, "Just one." Help me contribute enough to rescue one infinitely precious soul from slavery. Just like there is no limit to what I would do to spare my own children from this evil, I want there to be no limit to what I will do to rescue someone else. I will use what I have, and if all I have are science fiction fantasies and artwork, well, I'll use that. It doesn't matter that what I have to offer is small, or silly, or not the usual sort of thing people think of when trying to change the world. My God has a habit of using the insignificant things of the world to do amazing things, so the success of OtherRealm Studio is not for me to worry over. I'm just going to put in the work to the best of my ability.

I'm planning to create ten stories/projects to begin with, and the first of the ten is the Penance Copper universe. So everything from Penance Copper is for charity. I hope I can also get some income from the remaining nine - it would be really nice to pave the driveway, for example - but first things first.

The link for my website where you can sign up for the newsletter and get the PDF of the prequel is , so if you are interested you can see if you find the story intriguing. The newsletter will also be about other sites and stories you can read, not just mine, and reviews and recommendations. And of course it's easy to unsubscribe any time.

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