roseaponi (roseaponi) wrote,

Great idea - except for reality...

Hm. A friend of mine is into Plexus-the-pink-drink and is getting ready to sell it, too - and really wants me on her sales team, but Joe's not going for it. Probably something to do with recent business expenses that I don't entirely have a plan to pay for beyond "hustle up more commissions from somewhere."
Supposedly this stuff kills cravings and boosts energy, which both sound good to me. But... I don't have money to get involved with it. I might manage something if I lined up a customer or two first, but... I can't do that without trying it first. I'd be using my name and my reputation to sell a product that promises the moon, and if the moon doesn't show up - that's on me.
Pretty much, I'm stuck. I'd like to help my friend, I'd like to at least give the stuff a shot - but I can't afford to without somebody doing it with me and I can't get somebody with me unless I try it first.
Anybody else considering trying Plexus pink drink anyway?

Tags: via ljapp
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