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I just sent my screenshot of 115 YouTube views! I hope it's enough. I pulled out all the stops on this - I sort of only halfway joked that I was going to pull out my contacts and start calling people. But then I fell asleep getting Meri Lyn to nap and I woke up with only 15 minutes until the deadline to send it in!

Then right after I sent in a screenshot, I checked back and there was another view! So, took the screenshot and sent a new email under the wire :)

I don't know what to think now. There are five others who've maxed out regular points and who I can presume have done the other two bonus challenges.

One was ten points for whoever completed it - it was 10 for the first to complete, 9 for the second, 8 for the third and so on, and I was pretty sure I came in first, but then the points got changed to ten no matter when because there was a fairness concern.

One was an essay question, sort of - that one will be judged and awards of 15, 10, and 5 points given.

And then the YouTube video challenge - go in blind to what your competition is doing, and then rely on people who aren't you to spread the video past your own friends. Easily the most terrifying and retrospectively heartwarming of them all :)

My video went live on the morning of the 14th, and by 3:57 on the 16th it's had 115 views, 11 likes, 4 comments (that aren't me replying to comments) and two subscribers! This much for the second YouTube video I've ever posted (and the first one, Joe says looks like I'm expecting the Blair Witch because my eyes are all over the place...) I may have to spoof that myself before someone else does... O.O

Anyway, I will let you all know how I did once winners (and close-but-no-cigar runner-ups) are announced. Thank you!

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